Claire Platt



Due to coronavirus/Covid-19 all lessons are online and will remain online until, at least, September 2020 when the situation will be reevaluated. I teach via Zoom and find it works very well. You will need a device* to run Zoom on (you can download Zoom from, a device to play backing tracks on (I can help you find what you need) and a pair of headphones.

My rates are a little lower online at:

£20 per 30mins

£28 per 45mins

£34 per 60mins

We would start with a free 15min Zoom call so I can talk you through any settings that might need changing and any worries you might have about online lessons. We would also try a few warm ups to get you used to the set up. 

Send an email to with any queries or to ask about availability.

*I find laptops and desktops work best for sinigng lessons but it will also work on tablets and smartphones. 

Based in South Croydon, Claire teaches singing.

I teach all levels and all ages. You are never too young, or old, to enjoy singing.
I trained as an opera singer at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, but have spent the last 15 years working in Musical Theatre. I can help you with audition preparation where we would work on acting through song or simply just learning songs from scratch. So whatever your style I can help you find a stronger voice and help with technique, presentation and confidence building.

I regularly prepare students for exams and have experience with ABRSM, Trinity/Guildhall and LCM (musical theatre and pop).

Whatever the situation, lessons are tailor made to suit the individual.

My rates are:

£25 per 30mins

£35 per 45mins

£45 per 60mins

Payment can be made by cash, cheque (payable to Claire Platt), PayPal or bank transfer. Please ask for my PayPal info or bank details if you choose the 3rd or 4th option.

Rates are subject to change.

If you need to cancel or rearrange a lesson this should be done with, at least, 24hrs notice. Failure to do this could result in your having to pay for the lesson whether you attend or not. the cancellation fee can be waived at my discretion but if you know you can't make it please do not leave it until 2 hours before to tell me. I would appreciate as much notice as possible so I can offer someone else the slot. I realise people get ill and can't always give 24hrs notice and this is where my discretion comes in! 


If you are interested or would like more information please contact me via the 'Contact Me' page/email me at